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April 21, 2004


John or Mary Adams
Peyton Records
4256 Main Street
Rohrersville, MD 21779
Phone: 301-432-4036  /


Rohrersville, MD – John Adams, a singer/songwriter from Rohrersville announces the release of his new CD entitled “Hold on to the Dream”.  The CD, a collection of original folk music penned over the last 13 years, is currently available either directly from the artist, or on the Internet at

John’s voice has been described as a cross between John Denver and James Taylor.   His music, while uniquely his own, pays homage to his musical influences, who include Taylor and Denver as well as Willie Nelson, Joni Mitchell, Jimmy Buffet, Gordon Lightfoot, John Prine, Mike Cross, Tom Lehrer, and Ray Stevens.  But, it is his chameleon-like perspective that makes this CD so interesting.  Switching from sentimental to comical, philosophical to cynical, “Hold On to the Dream” contains heart felt love songs, traditional folk “story songs”, and a few songs that are down-right silly.  In other words, there is something for almost everyone.

Another local artist, Tracy Tousignaut-Reed produced all of the artwork for the CD.  Tracy’s photography and artistic vision captured the essence of John and his music. 

Originally from Washington Grove, Maryland, and currently living in Rohrersville, this is John’s second album, but his first CD.  His first album, “Halo Moon”, was recorded in Nashville in the days when records were still pressed in wax.  “Halo Moon” received critical acclaim, with the title song reaching #65 on the “Indie Bullet” chart, a charting service for independent records.  

John began performing music in college in an acoustic trio called The Other Brothers.  The band played the bar and college scene in and around Baltimore during the late 80's. After college, the band went their separate ways, and John started performing as a solo artist.  It was during this time that John began writing songs.

John is already back in the studio working on his next project, which is a re-release of his Halo-Moon album.  “I am taking those early songs, adding a few more from back then, and re-recording it.  The original was only available on tape, and was a Nashville producer’s version of me with the ‘Nashville Sound’, you know, weeping steel guitars, thumping bass lines… I always wanted to go back and re-record [Halo Moon] in the way it was written and performed back then, which was a traditional acoustic folk style.  It finally looks like it’s really going to happen… as long as the ‘Hold On’ project continues to sell.”

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